Monday, 28 February 2011


Well hello everyone, and welcome to my new(ly revived) blog.

My name is Jenessa, and whilst I have previously experimented with other blogging sites such as Tumblr and Wordpress, Blogspot appears to be my best in order to create a high quality, personal blog and show off my best work.

For several years now, since I was about 12 in fact, it has been my aspiration to become a music journalist. More recently, I have realised that I'm also pretty interested in the idea of events and festival management, particular the idea of being a tour manager or festival curator. Basically, career wise, I have realised that my personal happiness will be acheived doing anything in relation to music. I love music of almost all genres, and see no greater pleasure in life that getting my thoughts and feelings about it on paper. In fact, this lifetime love gave me the title for this blog; I truly believe Music to be the only reliable and infinite, consistent source of inspiration, comfort and solace in my life.

So before we get too deep, I would just like to leave you all with my mission statement;

I will hereby use this blog to write as objectively and interestingly about music as I can, updating you on the gigs I attend, the records I listen to, the bands I discover and the musical adventures I embark on as I attempt to further my ambitions. Wish me luck, and stay tuned!

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