Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Introducing...Kiara Nelson

From Zara Larsson to Tove Lo, there's been a lot of noise coming out of Scandinavia recently - hardly surprisingly considering the regions illustrious pop history. There's a certain deft touch that comes from swedish production, and new girl on the block Kiara Nelson is no exception. Just 16 years of age, Kiara is working with all the right people and navigating social media like a pro - but what else would you expect when this rising generation of popstars are total natives to all things digital. Her debut single 'Cool My Rush' is set to blow up this summer, so we had a quick chat over email with the lady herself...

Imagine that your music was a person – how would you describe it?
If my music were a person I would describe her as a kind of short girl with some cute tattoos ( not too many) A feminine,social and loud girl.

How did you get into music – how old were you when you started singing and how did you know that you wanted to make it your career?
I always knew. My family says that I started singing before I started talking. I used my voice everywhere we went as a kid.

What was the song/record that made you want to be a musician? Are there any particular artists that inspire your work?
When I was really young Britney Spears inspired me a lot. My biggest inspirations are Rihanna & Ariana Grande.

You worked on ‘Cool My Rush’ with legendary producer Milos Rosas – how did you decide that he was the right producer for you? And how is the new material you are working on coming together?
I saw an article on Milos Rosas and listened to some music he had made and got interested. I sent him some covers of me singing and then from there we started working. We work well together. What we are working on now is a secret, but something good is coming up soon!

I love how down to earth you are on Instagram – do you think social media is a good thing for the music industry? Do you feel under pressure to maintain a certain aesthetic?
Thank you!! Makes me happy to hear. I think social media is great for the music industry. It lets people see and learn more about you than just hearing your voice. I love instagram and I'm usually just myself on it, I'm not trying to make a fake image of me.

I also love your style – where are your favourite places to shop and your style icons?
Thanks! I love to shop at H&M, Topshop, Bik Bok etc. I also do a lot of second hand & online shopping. I don't really have any style icons but I love Kylie Jenner's style.

When can people expect new music from you?
You can expect new music from me by the end of the summer!

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  1. After makimg her debut album cool my rush this Helsinki-based artist Kiara Nelson has won the heart of critics and brought a revolution in the music industry. Thanks for sharing her interview. Every body wants to know more and more about this icon