About Me

My name is Jenessa Williams, I'm 22 and for the most part of my teenage years, I have had a passion for writing, and journalism in particular. My love of music began at a very early age and to this day I pride myself on being a fan of almost every genre, or at least open minded enough to try anything once. Music is part of my day to day life in such a way that as soon as it clicked that I could combine my love of gigs with writing, and hopefully make a successful career-hobby out of it, I've struggled to find anything that captivates me in the same way. This therefore influenced my choice of blog title - music has always been a kind of safe haven for me in a way that nothing else is - when everything else is letting you down, music can always provide comfort in an intensely personal way that just nothing else can.

The pursuit of my dream career and love of all this musical has led to long days making fanzines, poring over magazines and radio, going to gigs, watching tv festival coverage obsessively, harassing journalists I admire via email and achieving a first class degree in Music Journalism from the University of Huddersfield... to cut to the chase, I thought that it would make sense to carve out my own little corner of the internet, where I can share and publish my writing at whim, hopefully reaching people all around the world. Thus far, it seems to have worked, having grown a strong readership here in the UK, not to mention in places as far away as the USA, Australia and even Brazil. 

In this way, I also hope to use this blog as a more personable form of portfolio, to display my album and gig reviews, plus any other musical musings, to any prospective employers and/or fellow music enthusiasts. I hope that some of you will agree with or take interest in what I have to say somehow, and help me better myself as a writer. Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions- all feedback is good feedback!

I'm also a keen lifestyle and fashion blogger - for more along those lines, visit jenessalikestowrite.com

To contact me for press or work opportunities, or even just to say hello, please visit my contact page